Kids arriving at camp.

Summer camps continue to be a popular choice in the spectrum of summer activities and with good reason. For children, camps offer a range of fun activities, where learning and growing is cultivated by their surrounding peers. For parents, summer camps are valued for their ability to provide structure and experiences to children through a creative approach to teaching values like respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness. Crucial to the success of camps, however, is the quality of the staff it employs. It’s crucial for camps to investigate the history of its employees to prevent hiring someone who may cause harm.

Hire the right people.

Background checks can weed out ill-fitted candidates so you have more peace of mind that you’re hiring the right person. For camps, background checks demonstrate transparency, show preparedness, and prove commitment to child safety as the foremost concern. Reliability of background checks is so high that many states have even begun requiring workers to undergo background checks. However, many camps are taking initiative on their own. Not only do background checks ensure the safety of children, but they help to garner trust in the community and prevent camps from being opened up to potential lawsuits.

What type of reports should you run?

An ideal summer camp background check process starts with a potential employee’s county and state searches. This type of information will give you a high level view of the employee’s behavior in the area they are living in now. We then recommend a robust search of every county/state the individual has lived in to get a bigger picture of their behavior that expands beyond their current living limits. Protect People goes even further with recommending a nationwide database search. People commit crimes outside of where they live, and this type of validated nationwide search is critical for uncovering all potential activity that deems the employee hazardous to the organization. A validated search means that the background check results are confirmed at the primary source jurisdiction for up-to-date and the most accurate information available. Of course, a sex offender check is always recommended to run with the validated nationwide search.

Protect People, serving as your screening vendor, always checks with the county or state courthouse to confirm all information uncovered about a potential candidate is legitimate to give your business/organization extra security and peace of mind.

Due diligence takes a little bit of time and money, but when it comes to background screening, you get what you pay for.

If you work at a camp and are interested in learning how a background screening process can have a positive effect on your camp, or are interested in purchasing a staff-wide background check, please contact Protect People for more information.