Background Checks: What Employers Need To Know

Hiring the right candidates for your organization can be the most important decision you make. As an employer, it is your right to know certain information regarding the background history of potential employees before you make the decision to hire. However, regulations in the Fair Credit Reporting Act mandate that certain compliance steps need to ...Keep reading

Don’t Let Bad Hires Cost You Big Time

Hiring the wrong person can have serious implications and can negatively impact the financial well-being of any company or organization. Everything from your employees or volunteers to your property and proprietary information could potentially be at risk if they’re accessible to an individual with a history of criminal violence, theft, drug use, or fraud. Background ...Keep reading

Running Background Checks on Job Candidates

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, in 2012 69 percent of organizations reported say they do criminal background checks on all their candidates. There are many benefits of doing background checks. Many organizations believe they get a higher quality of candidate. A background check often results in: Fewer applications with serious criminal issues ...Keep reading