Summer is almost here, and for many organizations it’s time to plan and prepare for summer programs and camps. Summer is a fun-filled season for many, but it is important to make sure your organization is ready. Below are some helpful tips and reminders.

Tip #1 Background Checks for All Staff and Volunteers
Having extra activities in the summer often means needing extra helping hands. It is important that your organization ensures that all staff and volunteers can be entrusted with the care of children, youth and at risk adults. Protect People background check service provides federally compliant background checks just for organizations at the low cost of $9. Their reports cover any offenses involving children and any sexual offenses or crimes of violence that would preclude someone from being a staff member or volunteer with your organization.

Tip #2 Plan Ahead for Outdoor Activities
Many summer activities are held in the beautiful sunshine of the great outdoors. But sometimes that sunshine does go away. Have a plan B if the weather turns bad. Also, make sure you have lots of water and sunscreen available, since overheating and sunburns are common ailments in the summer heat. Make sure your first aid kit is well-stocked. Skinned knees and bumps/bruises are frequent in the great outdoors.

Tip #3 Communication and Training Make Summer Activities Stress-Free
Having signs well-placed for your events helps everyone. Make sure to clearly mark registration areas, drop off areas and pick-up areas. Clearly communicate expectations with your staff and volunteers. And make sure everyone is adequately trained to handle all situations.