Keep your children safe with Protect People background checks.

Every day thousands of volunteers donate their time in public and private schools by keeping watch on the playground, reading to kindergartners, coaching youth sports, tutoring in math and English, and much more.

Parents and grandparents used to be able to simply sign up to volunteer, but nowadays applications, background checks, and volunteer training is enforced at many schools. We have all seen the headlines—shootings at schools and people in trusted positions harming children. There have even been reported instances where convicted sex offenders tried volunteering with schools and children’s organizations.

Background checks help. Schools need to verify identity and weed out potential problems, especially problems that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history.

Keeping kids safe is the ultimate goal…and schools need to put in place everything they can to reach that goal. If you are looking for a background check partner for your school…Protect People is a great choice.