Background Checks for Volunteers

“Every 11.5 hours, a registered sex offender attempts to obtain a position at a non-profit organization.”


Reduce Your Risk

We often trust that every person who walks through the door of an organization or school does so with a genuine desire to help out and give back to the community. This holds true for most individuals, but there are too many headlines proving us wrong. Often times, organizations and schools have become victims of violence, abuse, and theft.

Don’t let this happen. With Protect People’s volunteer background screening, your organization or school can implement a volunteer background check process that helps meet insurance requirements and also ensures your volunteers meet your standards.

You need volunteers. But you also need to know your organization and the people it serves are safe. You can do that with Protect People. With more than a decade of experience, Protect People has extensive knowledge specifically in volunteer background checks.

Our background check partner sets the standard for providing trusted, low-cost, FCRA background checks for volunteers. We understand your specific needs, and our great prices will save your organization or school money while delivering fast, accurate background check reports.

You’re just one click away from ensuring the safety and well-being of your people. Click “Get Started” to begin!

Partner with Protect People

  • Low cost
  • More than a decade of background screening experience
  • FREE REVERIFICATION on all criminal records
  • FREE E-INVITE permission form
  • No minimum orders required
  • Flexibility–4 convenient packages to choose from
  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • Trusted data sources