Why Protect People

“Am I hiring a criminal?”

“Is the candidate’s driving record free of reckless driving convictions?”


Keep Your Organization Safe

A common concern is unknowingly hiring a candidate or having a volunteer working with your organization who has a questionable past. Why? Because it can jeopardize both the safety of the workplace and your reputation while exposing your organization to unwanted liabilities. As an employer you have a responsibility to your employees, your customers, and your business.

Effective background screening is critical to keeping your organization safe, and Protect People is here to help you avoid placing the wrong person in a position at your organization. Partnering with an experienced background check provider, Protect People has the tools and expertise to quickly and accurately scrutinize the backgrounds of your candidates and volunteers, verify that their backgrounds meet your guidelines, and help you comply with insurance, state, and federal regulations.

“We’ve negotiated great prices and great products with our background check provider . We provider our clients with top-quality, federally compliant (FCRA) screenings at an EXCELLENT PRICE!”

Our Experience

Our Experience

Protect People is an offshoot of Group Publishing. Group has been providing background reports to churches for more than a decade. In fact, the popularity of Group’s background check program is why Protect People came to be. Numerous organizations came to us requesting we provide a background check service to meet their needs.

While Protect People’s background checks are used for many organizations across numerous industries, we see some industries where background checks are especially critical to keeping organizations safe. These include: non-profit, volunteer, public and private education, and youth sports.

With Protect People you can be confident the information you receive is comprehensive, accurate, and timely.